【Event Announcement】The 3rd Medical and Health DX Seminar “Digital Data for Medicine and Health”


Thank you for your participation which have made this event a success!
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hosted by Cyber Civilization Research Center (CCRC), Keio University
co-hosted by the Medical Inclusion working group, CCRC
Life Intelligence System Consortium, SFC Research Institute
Value Society Platform Laboratory, SFC Research Institute
WIDE Project


Efforts toward new social systems premised on digital technology are gaining momentum. The new DX being worked on in this way is characterized by the development of new digital-based systems for people and society, rather than the replacement of analog-era systems with digital ones, such as applications based on stable Internet using 5G and optical fiber, applications that can freely use video and voice, and AI-based services made possible by analyzing various digital data.

In the medical field as well, new and collaborative efforts are being promoted in various relationships between hospitals and patients, medicine and health, and individuals and their lives, including the digitization of electronic medical records, etc., which have been promoted so far. This seminar, an initiative of the Keio Cyber Civilization Research Center, will provide an overview of these developments through lectures by experts from a variety of perspectives and a panel discussion among experts to look ahead to the future of DX in the medical and health fields.

The third seminar will share knowledge in the medical and health fields premised on AI and digital data in the rapid progress in DX, and explore future roles and missions in various fields of industry, government, and academia in the challenges of standardization and the development of related systems and rules that should be newly addressed.

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Event Information

 Date: Monday, May 22, 2023, 12:30-17:50 (Reception opens at 12:00)
Place: G-lab at the East building 6F, Mita Campus, Keio University
Language: Japanese only
Application: Pre-registration required
How to participate: On-site (capacity of 50 people) or Online
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Registration deadline: Thursday, May 18, 13:00 【Acceptance of applications has been closed】

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12:30-12:35 Greeting from Keio University : Masayuki Amagai (Vice President of Keio University)
12:35-12:40 Organizer’s Remarks : Jun Murai (Professor and Co-Director, Cyber Civilization Research Center, Keio University)
12:40-12:50 Introduction : Hitomi Sano (Project Researcher, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
12:50-12:55 Opening Remarks : Sumio Matsumoto (Director Emeritus, National Hospital Organization, Tokyo Medical Center)

Keynote Speech
12:55-13:20 “Data utilization in the health and medical fields”
Yoshihide Ezaki (DirectorInstitute for Social Policy Issues)
13:20-13:45 “Data sharing for improving medicine: A lession from COVID-19”
Makoto Suematsu (Director, Central Institute for Experimental Animals、Professor Emeritus, Keio University)
13:45-14:10 “Implementation of Generative AI in Healthcare: Challenges and Potential”
Kazuhiro Sakurada (Professor, Department of Extended Intelligence for Medicine, The Ishii-Ishibashi Laboratory, Keio University School of Medicine)

14:10-14:20 Break

Lectures from universities
14:20-14:40 “Expectations for the digital transformation in surgery using Web3-based telesurgical network in the era of robotic surgery”
Koichi Suda (Professor, School of Medicine Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Fujita Health University)
14:40-15:00 “Expectations for the digital transformation in medicine other than surgery –From Image Recognition to Natural Language Processing-”
Masahiro Jinzaki (Professor, School of Medicine Department of Radiology and Deputy Director, Keio University Hospital)

Presentations from Industry
15:00-15:15 “Shaping the Future of Nursing Care with Data ~”Nursing care Real Data Platform” promoted by SOMPO Care~”
Takahiro Iwamoto (Sompo Care Inc. Exective Director Chief Digital Officer  General Manager,egaku Business)
15:15-15:30 “Self-monitoring, data utilization, and issues of dissemination from the perspective of PHR”
Hiroyuki Kazuma (Advisory Specialist on Healthcare Alliance, OMRON Healthcare Corporation)
15:30-15:45 “Future of Health Care with PHR x AI”
Takayuki Hamada  (Executive Officer, JMDC inc.)
15:45-16:00 “Solving problems through data utilization and DX”
Hiroki Miyamoto (Managing Executive Officer / Group Director, Healthcare Business Group, MTI Ltd.)

16:00-16:10 Break

Panel Discussion
16:10-17:40 Panel Discussion “AI and Digital Data for Medicine and Health: Current Status, Challenges, and Future”
Panelists: All speakers
Moderator: Jun Murai

Closing remarks
17:40-17:50 Closing remarks : Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Honorary Director, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and President, Japan Health Policy Institute

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