Welcome Prof. Dan Gillmor as CCRC Senior Fellow!

Cyber Civilization Research Center is happy to announce that Professor Dan Gillmor is joining us as CCRC non-resident Senior Fellow! For those who have joined our weekly IP-Asia meeting would be familiar with him as the co-host with Prof. Farber and always provides inspiring input to stimulate discussions. We welcome him and will continue to work together, especially in the area of technology, media and disinformation.

Here is the message from Prof. Gillmor: 

“Our Digital Age is suffused with data, and media. We are just starting to understand the impact, and our ability to manage a radically transformed information ecosystem-individually, in our communities, and globally-will be one of the key tests of civilization’s future.”

Prof. Gillmor’s Profile:

Dan Gillmor is co-founder of the News Co/Lab (http://newscollab.org) at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where he is a professor of practice. The News Co/Lab works with partners on experiments designed to improve the information ecosystem-and counteract misinformation-by focusing on the demand side of media. Dan also teaches digital media literacy for ASU Online.

For almost 25 years, Dan was a professional journalist at newspapers in several areas of the United States. From 1994-2005 he was a columnist at the San Jose Mercury News in Silicon Valley, reporting on technology and its impact. He is the author of several books about media developments in the Digital Age, including /We the Media/ and /Mediactive/, both of which have been published in Japan.

More about Prof. Gillmor at http://dangillmor.com/about.