“AI for Social Good” Open-access Publication is released

Keio University, together with the Association of Pacific Rim University (APRU), co-published a new open-access publication “AI for Social Good“, in partnership with United Nations ESCAP (UN ESCAP) and Google in September. The book is a collection of eight policy recommendation papers by scholars from all across the Asia Pacific under the academic lead of Keio’s Vice-President Professor Jiro Kokuryo, with the support of Google and UN ESCAP, and APRU.

“We are cognizant of our renewed mission to bridge differences and create a new civilization that makes full use of data while honoring the dignity of each and every person,” said Akira Haseyama, President, Keio University.

AI for Social Good project was launched in December 2018 at the Asia-Pacific AI for Social Good Summit in Bangkok, with the goal to share the best practices and identify solutions to promote AI for social good in Asia-Pacific. The first kick-off meeting was held in June 2019 at Keio University’s Mita campus, to identify and develop synergies and collaboration grounds among project members. The working papers were reviewed and discussed thoroughly during the two virtual meetings in Oct 2019 and Feb 2020 respectively by the advisory board and project members.

Each chapter of the report presents a unique research project, as well as key conclusions and policy suggestions for government policymakers and other stakeholders, based on the logical academic analyses and evidence-based findings.

“We worked very hard to come up with a set of recommendations that will make AI truly contribute to the well-being of humankind. I hope this voice from Asia will be heard not only within the region but by people around the world,” said Professor Jiro Kokuryo, Vice President, Keio University.

A series of virtual summits for the dissemination and discussion of project findings were hosted in October and November. For more information, please visit:

The publication can be accessed at