CCRC is a collection of people who are interested in a common theme of where’s the future and how does it impact the world that we are living in.

Professor David Farber Co-Director, Cyber Civilization Research Center

What is lacking in today’s society is a sense of openness coupled with empathy, which allows us to examine from different perspectives, to look at the effects of cyber civilization and to question where we are going and why we are going there.

Professor Lisa Dolling Provost & Vice President of Rosemont Collage Adviser to Cyber Civilization Research Center

We will continue to communicate with each other more deeper, form social bonds that are very different from what we have today, lay out possible futures and see how it affects big social and political issues.

Professor Gerald Faulhaber Professor Emeritus of University of Pennsylvania Advisor to Cyber Civilization Research Center

Civilization is a process of development, it involves people working together in different ways and interact with each other. The technology of communications together with the collection & procession of data information, change the nature of people’s interactions – interact with more people, more quickly and sharing more information.

Professor Jonathan Cave Senior Research Fellow in Economics of University of Warwick Advisor to Cyber Civilization Research Center