【演題募集】CCRC Conference 2022 – Towards a Cyber Civilization: Risks and Opportunities

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CCRC Conference 2022 – Towards a Cyber Civilization: Risks and Opportunities


国際会議開催日(仮): 2022年2月1-2日


CCRC believes that the world is in need of a fundamental review of the technological and societal architecture of systems that are currently in use. Cyberspace, for all the benefits it brings to the world, has such serious flaws that it exposes the life-supporting systems to the risk of dysfunction. Governance systems, that functioned well for the economies of the material world, are failing to address the challenges of how we might realize the potential benefits of cyberspace while protecting people from exploitation and manipulation. The world needs a set of new technological and societal system architectures that can adequately address these issues. The transition, we believe, will have to be so large as to call it the construction of a new Cyber Civilization.

CCRC aspires to provide the world with ideas that address the systems architecture that can securely protect the autonomy of the people based on the principles of check and balance among the powers that constitute the new cyber civilization, with full participation of all members of the society.

CCRC calls upon researchers around the world to provide inputs on how we might design such a future world. We welcome a broad range of papers that provide insights on how we might design systems for this new civilization. We welcome both high-level discussion as well as those abstracts that address the design of the technological/social systems in specific areas.




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