CCRC NEW Working Paper Published: Quest for Broadly Acceptable Architecture for Data Governance -A Man-Machine Conviviality Approach-

Professor Jiro Kokuryo, together with five CCRC embers, Professor David Farber, Professor Hiroaki Miyata, Professor Jun Murai, Professor Takehiro Ohya, and Professor Tatsuhiko Yamamoto, and CCRC Advisory Board member, Professor Jonathan Cave, published a new working paper titled “Quest for Broadly Acceptable Architecture for Data Governance -A Man-Machine Conviviality Approach-“ in November 2019.

The paper illustrated a new approach to maintain the balance between the use of data and the protection of human dignity. Four principles are proposed to be considered in the design of an architecture that allows individuals to entrust their data to the personal data agent.

Here is the abstract of the paper:

In order to protect human dignity given the ever-growing power of computers and data aggregation, we must adopt a new philosophy and architecture for the governance of data. We step beyond the conventional assumption of human monopoly of intelligence and envision integrated man-machine agents that will emerge to safeguard personal data on a firm basis of trust. A new “cyber civilization” is dawning, in which humans live with machines in conviviality, and we must develop governance structures that address this reality. A few guiding principles for the design of the architecture are proposed.


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