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慶應義塾大学グローバルリサーチインスティテュート サイバー文明センター(CCRC)は、2022年2月1日にCCRC国際会議2022をオンラインにて開催しました。結果、様々な背景を持つ登壇者たちが経験を共有し、意見を交換し合うことで、新たな知見を見出すことができました。以下に動画と会議資料を公開いたします。








Section I: Governance of the Cyberspace

Architecting an Equitable Data Network  for the Digital Economy of the New Cyber Civilisation
– Kim Chandler McDonald & Michael McDonald 
(Co-Founder/CEO of FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd., Griffith University’s Enterprise Advisory Board, Grandshake, the Paris-based Cybersecurity Advisors Network, Women In AI (Australia, NZ), and Washington D.C.’s WordSmithRapport.)

Digital Trade and National Security
– Rikako Watai
(Professor of Administrative Law, Keio University Law School)

A Path to Meta-Nature : Automated Environment Where Even Pencils Grow on a Tree
– Kenji Saito
(Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance, Waseda University)

Designing the Metaverse: An Ethnography of the KONG Land Crypto State
– Kelsie Nabben
(Researcher, Centre for Automated Decision-Making & Society, RMIT University)

★ディスカッション /  司会:國領二郎

Section II: Health data with trust

Global Health Screening and Tracking Initiative
– Clifton R. Lacy
(Distinguished Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers School of Communication and Information Director, Center for Emergency Preparedness, Infrastructure and Communication, Rutgers University Clinical Professor of Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Partner Great Plain Technologies, LLC) 
– David L. Turock
(Chair, Johns Hopkins Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences Advisory Council Co-Founder and Vice-Chair, National Museum of Mathematics Founder and Chair, Turock Family Foundation Partner Great Plain Technologies, LLC) 
– Warren S. Gifford
(Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Therap Services, LLC Co-Author, with David Turock – Driving Tomorrow: Our Roadmap to Sustainable Transportation, Infrastructure and Cities. Partner Great Plain Technologies, LLC)

Global Health Data with Trust Initiative 
– Clifton R. Lacy, David L. Turock & Warren S. Gifford

Shaping the Model for Medical Inclusion
– Hitomi Sano (CCRC Medical Inclusion Working Group)

★ディスカッション / 司会:デイビッド・ファーバー

Section III: Architecture for trust

Dataset and Object Data Tagging to Improve Trusted and Flexible AI/ML and Data Utilization
– Ian Wardell
(MA, J.D. Candidate 2022, Seton Hall University School of Law)
– Jun Takei
(Ph.D., Principal Engineer, Global Government Affairs, Intel Corporation) 

Dependency among Data, Code, Governance, and Operation in Trust
– Shigeya Suzuki
(Project Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
– Tatsuya Kurosaka
(Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
– Jun Murai

A New Approach to Information Security Auditing in the Public Administration
– Annamária Edegbeme-Beláz
(PhD Candidate, Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences, Óbuda University)
– András Kerti
(Associate Professor, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training, National University of Public Service) 

★ディスカッション / 司会:村井純

★閉会の挨拶: 村井純