Cyberwar in a Nuclear Age & Nuclear War in a Cyber Age

Two strategic technologies are casting a shadow over the early 21st century. One is old: nuclear weapons, which had been thought by many to be a worry of the past, are returning to the forefront of international discussion, debate, and crisis. One is new: cyber conflict, which is gradually assuming an increasingly large role in the behavior of nations, and with its hacks, worms, and attacks on physical infrastructure, is beginning to cut into civilian life as well.

How will these two emerging and re-emerging threats shape the next few, crucial decades of the 21st century? Can they coexist without disaster? In this Farber Faculty Fellowship Lecture hosted by Stevens Institute of Technology, computer scientist David J. Farber (Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of CCRC, Keio University) and nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein will discuss the security problems and complexities of cyber and nuclear weapons in the past, present, and near future.

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