Workshop at NYU Shanghai on A Silent Spring for Cybersecurity preliminary survey

On October 23, 2019, Professor David Farber and Assistant Professor Tobias Burgers presented A Silent Spring for Cybersecurity, a collaborative research project with Stevens Institute of Technology, at the New York University, Shanghai campus. Invited by Professor Brad Weslake, Associate Professor of Philosophy at NYU Shanghai, they shared their latest research findings, in particular, their survey that was launched early October.

Professor Farber started with a brief lecture on the broader outlines of the project. Through his presentation, Professor Farber highlighted his personal experiences and motivations for starting the project last year and developing its current focus, which is on decision-making processes in case of cyber-attacks. Assistant Professor Burgers illustrated how there had been a consistent information gap on this subject. To generate data and gain a better understanding, a survey was conducted to investigate decision-making processes in case of cyberattacks. The survey was subject to discussion, followed by an analysis of the first series of results generated by the survey. Finally, plans for more elaborate surveys, as thoroughly as research through the Delphi method, were presented, outlining a way forward for the research project.