What is the Quality of Network? – Professor Jun Murai

Summary of the 第1回QONアドバイザー会議〜Quality Of Networkとはなにか?〜 published on LogmiBiz

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On February 5, 2020, Professor Murai Jun, Professor Jiro Kokuryo from Keio University joined a symposium hosted by QON Inc. together with advisors from various industries, including Mr. Takashi Takeda, CEO at QON Inc, Professor Takashi Ikegami from The University of Tokyo and Mr Allen Miner, CEO at Sunbridge Group to discuss the change of the Internet from the past to the future, themed on “Quality of Network”, which is also the initial name of the QON Inc.

The discussion started with the question raised by Professor Kokuryo, the moderator of the symposium – What is the exact meaning of Quality of Network? What is quality meant for Network?

Professor Murai, who is known as “The Father of the Internet in Japan”, shared his viewpoints by looking into the terminology “The Internet” – The capitalization of “Internet” indicates the uniqueness of being the one and only “Internet” in the world. This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of the ARPANET and the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, which is now the most popular platform for people to communicate and use for every purpose in everyday life.

As being one of the pioneers of the Internet, Professor Murai considered the most significant impact on the human race is the creation of such special space that connects everyone on earth. It goes beyond nation-states and is a truly global space that allows people to communicate, live and develop freely. Along with the concept of globalization/global society, it is worth to think about how the “global space” among both physical (nation-states) and virtual (The Internet) domains can coexist and derive the concept of the Quality of Network.

As participants have been raised several times in the discussion – the current development of internet technology is no longer only focusing on quantity but rather on the quality. Efficiency is no longer the only element to be considered, people are expecting the development to be more human-oriented, embracing freedom and improving in the quality of life.

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