Inaugural workshop for A Silent Spring for Cybersecurity

Earlier this month, Prof. David Farber, Co-Director of Cyber Civilization Research Center, and Assistant Professor Tobias Burgers traveled to Hoboken, New Jersey to attend the first workshop of A Silent Spring for Cybersecurity project. This project, a collaboration between CCRC at Keio University and the Stevens Institute of Technology, Prof. Farberʻs alma mater, aims to research the consequences of possible escalations in cyberspace.

For the last decades, cyber-attacks and conflict have changed in nature. What prior where disruptive attacks, now with the increasing actors – state and non-state – seem intent to destroy and destruct via cyber means. Such escalations in cyber conflict bring up a whole range of questions on the nature of cyber conflict and its consequences beyond the cyber realm. The workshop was aimed to address this, seek to generate new ideas and discuss research methodologies with a wide group of participants. The fusion of participants from academia, the private sector, government, and civil society ensured a lively discussion and generated a new scala of ideas. Participants acknowledged the necessity for the projects and its research, and encouraged to take the project to the next stage.


A complete report of the workshop will be circulated soon, stay tuned.