The 2nd David Farber Prize Winner Announcement


We are happy to announce the winners of the 2nd David Farber Prize for Undergraduate Student Essays. 

First Prize (JPY 35,000 each)

Lying in Wait – What Does More Data Mean for Us? by Leif Lincoln

Is Digital Contact Tracing the Rise of Modern-day Big Brother? by Yuto Yamaguchi

Second Prize (JPY 30,000) 

Surveilled Cyberspace in China: Arbitrariness and censorship by Yunqi Shi


Professor David Farber established this award to recognize undergraduate students at Keio University to write essays in English and discuss interesting topics in the areas of technology and society. This year, the theme was Technology, Governance and Privacy – Are we living in 1984? 

Professor Farber commented on this year’s award, “Congratulations to all the winners. We received many wonderful essays this year. All the submissions are remarkably well-done and demonstrated an excellent and profound understanding of the subject. It was a challenging year in 2020, but it also created a timely opportunity to rethink technology. I am happy to see the interesting insights in the student essays, and I actually learned a lot from them.” 

Messages from the awardees

I am truly honored to have my work selected and be named a recipient of the 2nd David Farber Prize. Allowing me this opportunity, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude towards Professor Farber and the Cyber Civilization Research Center for presenting students with the opportunity to incite thought and challenge the acceptethrough this competitionThe CCRC is advantaged to have an early presence in providing guidance to a new era defined by technology and influencing our digital society’s future path. Through my recognition, I hope that my work may further contribute to this mission, the CCRC, and the broader conversation on cyber civilization and data accumulation.
— Leif Lincoln

“It is my great honor to receive the David Farber Prize. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Professor Farber and members of CCRC for providing us with this opportunity despite the unprecedented circumstances. In the writing, I tried to voice the uncertain feeling I had toward the expansion of technology. To nurture and express these inner feelings through this essay and being awarded for it is something I couldn’t be happier with. I believe it is our generation’s duty to not only foster the benefit of technology but also to protect the interests that may be harmed. It is a great pleasure if my writing could contribute to shed light on the latter matters. Let us keep on learning!”
— Yuto Yamaguchi

“Firstly, I feel so grateful to be the Second Prize recipient of the David Farber Prize. I would like to express my thanks to CGRI and professor Farber for offering this great opportunity, allowing us to think further about the similarities between 1984 and our modern surveillance society. Take Clubhouse App as an example. I am not able to send an invite unless giving its permission to read phone contacts. Sacrificing privacy for constructing a so-called digital society seems to become a value. Still, I do believe that privacy should be guaranteed, especially under the current pandemic situation.”
— Yunqi Shi

Thank you for all the brilliant submissions, and Congratulations to Leif, Yuto and Yunqi! 

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