The Establishment of “Asia Pacific Resilient Society” Working Group


We are happy to announce a new research and education working group “Asia Pacific Resilient Society アジア太平洋レジリエント社会” is established under CCRC this new school year.

Led by Professor Keiko Okawa, Professor at Graduate School of Media Design, this working group aims to develop a more resilient society in the Asia Pacific region. This 3-year project will focus on two research and educational initiatives: (1) Resilient Future Internet Infrastructure in the Asia Pacific and (2) EBA education and community building in the Asia Pacific.

The Resilient Future Internet Infrastructure in Asia Pacific initiative addresses the development of resilient connectivity by the harmonized use of space and terrestrial media for REN in the Asia Pacific. It also explores a future model of an emergency-ready, disaster response internet together with a capacity-building program for future Internet engineers.

The EBA education and community building in Asia Pacific initiative intends to develop and deploy a field-oriented evidence-based approach methodology and strengthen research and educational collaborations among universities in the Asia Pacific.

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