The Establishment of “The Platform Economy and the Sustainable Society” Working Group


We are happy to announce a new research working group “The Platform Economy and the Sustainable Society(プラットフォーム経済と持続可能社会)” is established under CCRC together with a KGRI endowed course starting this spring semester.

Led by Professor Tatsuhiko Yamamoto, Professor at Law School and Deputy Director at KGRI, this working group aims to examine the opportunities, functions, and social responsibilities of platforms from the technological, social, and humanistic perspectives.

The influence of platforms such as GAFA is growing rapidly in various aspects, ranging from business to public health. Particularly, during this COVID-19 pandemic, the roles of platforms are getting more significant. It seems the platforms can solve many challenges in modern society, such as the aging population, growing demand for remote work, and the emerging sharing economy, by using their data and algorithms.  Despite the growing expectations for these capabilities, there are also rising concerns about widespread disinformation and slander via platforms, violation of privacy caused by profiling, monopolization in economic markets. By grasping the current status of norm establishment by platformers, the group will also address the issues from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) perspective.

We will also invite members from the fields of sciences, economics, business management, history, politics, and law to form this cross-disciplinary research working group.

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